tl_files/pictures/prodosh3.jpgPRODOSH AICH was born in Calcutta in 1933. High School and studies in PHILOSOPHY in India. Studies in ETHNOLOGY, PHILOSOPHY and SOCIOLOGY at the University of Cologne. University teacher and publicist. Taught sociology at Cologne (Germany), Rajasthan (Jaipur, India) and Oldenburg (Germany) universities. Besides books he has published many essays, papers in readers and learned journals, made radio features and documentary films for Television, altogether more than 100 titles and participated in radio and television talk-shows. He is still an Indian though he has been living in Germany for a longer period than most Germans.

LÜGEN MIT LANGEN BEINEN (Lies with long legs) 2003 is his NINTH book. He also wrote FARBIGE UNTER WEI?EN (Coloured amongst whites) 1962, DIE INDISCHE UNIVERSITÄT (The Indian university) 1971, SOZIALE ARBEIT (Social Work) 1972, "DA WEITERE VERWAHRLOSUNG DROHT ..." ("As further decline apprehended ...") 1973, WIE DEMOKRATISCH IST KOMMUNALPOLITIK? (How democratic is municipal politics?) 1977, MÖGLICHKEITEN UND GRENZEN DES PROJEKTSTUDIUMS (Chances and Limitations of Project Studies) 1978, RATHAUS-PLÜNDERER(City-Hall Plunderers) 1986, PREIS DES AUFRECHTENGANGS (Thorns on a Righteous Path) 2001.

The publication of DIE INDISCHE UNIVERSITÄT (The Indian university) and RATHAUS-PLÜNDERER (City-Hall Plunderers) was sabotaged. PREIS DES AUFRECHTENGANGS (Thorns on a Righteous Path) includes the suppressed book The Indian University and narrates the tale of this process as a documentary which went on for thirty-five years.



tl_files/pictures/test.jpgRISHI KUMAR MISHRA (in 1932) is one of the very few people of our time who has command over the VEDIC language, understands the VEDAS and is able to render it in other languages which are not as developed as the VEDIC language and thus rather inadequate for VEDIC texts.

An access to the VEDAS is not possible by getting training in modern educational institutions. He was selected by his GURU, PANDIT MOTILAL SHASTRI, who taught, trained and asked him to attempt to transpose the universe of the VEDAS in English, although English is not sufficiently developed to describe the universe of the VEDAS.

RISHI KUMAR MISHRA is very much at home in the modern intellectual world. He is the Chairperson of the OBSERVER RESEARCH FOUNDATION, consultant of the RELIANCE INDUSTRIES LTD., India's largest industrial enterprise and consultant to the GOVERNMENT OF INDIA.

He is the author of BEFORE THE BEGINNING AND AFTER THE END, New Delhi ( 2000), THE COSMIC MATRIX, New Delhi (2001), THE REALM OF SUPRAPHYSICS New Delhi (2003).


HARIDAS SHRIDHAR KASTURE (1936) is one of the eminent VAIDYAS, this is how the Ayurvedic experts are called in India. He is author of numerous books in Hindi, Gujarati, Sanskrit and English. AYURVEDA is no more unknown in Europe. AYURVEDAis the science of life.

He is one of the planners for higher training of the VAIDYAS, an advisor to the GOVERNMENT OF INDIA, to international Institutions like the WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION (WHO), has travelled a lot, held numerous lectures for "MODERN PHYSICIANS" in Canada, in Switzerland and in the USA. He has thought and rethought over the discussions which followed his lectures with "modern physicians" abroad.

The result of this contemplation was incorporated in the book: CONCEPT OF AYUTVEDA FOR PERFECT HEALTH AND LONGIVITY, Nagpur, India, already in 1991. His book is beyond polemic and missionary zeal. It is a different world is. It is worth reading for all literate people.


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Preis des Aufrechten Gangs

A documentary narrative

Lies with long legs

Discoveries, Scholars, Science, Enlightenment

Vor dem Beginn und nach dem Ende

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