500 Years European Christians in History

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We are what we know. We know what is handed down. Our daily life is organised by “historical narrations”. Universally. To judge over the validity of “historical narrations” and of history, we must know all about those narrators of history. Today, and during the last two centuries, all narrators of history are educated in institutions created by European Christians. They narrate history incoherently though the history all over is coherent and interdependent.
The libraries are flooded by incoherent deliberations and with books that are copied and pasted from other books.
This is more so since the rise of the Ottoman Empire, since the blockade of the land route and beginning of search for a sea route to India, and all that has followed thereafter until our days. Why do they narrate incoherently though historical developments are coherent and interdependent by its nature? Why do they copy and paste and duplicate?
To judge over the validity of “historical narrations” in their books, the authors of this book search and investigate into the acquired qualifications and “careers” of all main narrators of this history. The search is based on primary documents. The result of this search is thrilling, mysterious and stunning. We are fed by books that are based on secondary sources. These books are mere propaganda, which should be stored in “bad libraries”.
The result of this search has banged on the Pandora’s Box and it is open now.



Who is Max Müller M.A.?

Friedrich Maximilian’s School days at Leipzig

Which qualifications does 
Friedrich Maximilian acquire at leipzig university?

Learning Sanskrit in Germany in general and 
at Leipzig in particular

What does Friedrich Maximilian learn at Berlin University?

Europeans Encountering Sanskrit in Bharatavarsa (India)

Why does Friedrich Maximilian go to Paris?

What does Friedrich Maximilian do in Paris?

What did Friedrich Maximilian Müller really do in 
Paris and why does he go to London?

The Ancient Language Sanskrit 
How does it travel from Bharatavarsa to Europe?

What does Friedrich Maximilian Müller do in London?

Friedrich Maximilian Müller reaches the “safe haven” called “The East India Company”

The European Sanskrit scholars and their Sanskrit

Does Max Müller flee also from London? (Or) 
does he seek a refuge at Oxford?

“A Confession” came prior to the moments of truth. 
Moments of truth begin to arrive

Moments of truth begin to continue

Moment of Truths – Hour of Decision

Indology, Linguistics, Communications and Sciences

Dirty morass all-encompassing




Life is full of surprises. The paths to insight, knowledge and truth are also full of surprises. The authors of this book come together by remarkable circumstances. These two authors belong to two distant generations. They live also at two distant places. The younger one is born in 1976, and brought up in Kerala, India. The other is born in 1933, and brought up in Bengal, India. The connecting link is that both are on the paths to gain insights, to acquire knowledge and to get to truths. Both authors are on search. Both authors are not inclined to take it as a coincidence that they have come together. Not even as unforeseeable coincidences. Both authors have learnt to shed off beliefs and superstitions. They want to know. They try to explain whatever comes across.

There are many persons on the paths to gain insights, to acquire knowledge and to get to truths. The contemporary societies do not offer facilities to getting together of these persons. How could they get together? In this particular case, the two authors of this book, both are agonized by the distortions of the cultural heritage of Bharatavarsa, a vast land which has later been named India by foreign people. These deliberate distortions of the cultural heritage of Bharatavarsa have been brought into the world by the foreign occupants and then further cultivated by their local stooges. In the beginning of their getting together the agony of the two authors is at different realms and levels.

There are many persons suffering from such agonies. But how could they get together? Both authors are also distressed becoming more and more sensitive on the continuous worsening of the Era of Vasco da Gama, which began by the declaration of a War by the European Christians on the rest of the world in the 15th century. The Vatican sanctioned the Kings of Portugal and Spain to occupy foreign lands and to annex these lands to their kingdoms.

This World War is being executed by European Christian Kingdoms under different masks. This World War is based on robbery, rape, murder, genocide, recruiting mercenaries, exploitation and sustained exploitation of people all over the world. European Christians do suppress this past governing over mass media.

From the beginning of this inhuman Era till this day, manifold efforts are undertaken to veil and cover the vicious doings of the European Christians as well. Yet it seems, despite everything, the mind of a substantial number of human beings cannot be managed to that extent that they do not register contradictions in the numerous tales told.

One such contradiction determines the younger one of the authors, born in 1976, living somewhere in the world, to the elder one, born in 1933, living somewhere in the world, to write a long e-mail on December 23, 2009:

“... Please allow me to thank you for your excellent work titled "Lies with long legs". (I got this email of yours from Shri. Sanjay Chaudhri) I read "Lies with long legs" during Aug 2009, ever since I have been not able to stop myself from reading it again and again. The book is a mine of knowledge and it essentially demolishes many long standing myths perpetrated by the colonialists. I am writing this mail for clarification of one doubt regarding Max Mueller. In your book, you have emphatically stated that Max Mueller's educational qualification (both his M.A & Ph.D) are based on "hearsay" and no documentary evidences support this claim.

But according to wikipedia - ( ...)”.

This mail has lit a spark. The elder one has responded. This spark has consequences; unforeseeable coincidences? This is the beginning that two searchers and re-searchers for truths get together, toil together that has lead to the book that has been completed in September 2014. The seed of December 23, 2009, seeking a clarification of one apparently negligible issue of swindle regarding Max Müller, has sprouted, the sprout has grown and the growth reveals a world of swindles. The seed was of a “Banyan Tree”.

None of these two searchers and re-searchers would have continued this search in the way they have done and would have written this book individually. These two searchers and re-searchers have never met personally, never talked to each other on telephone. They have made use of the digital technology which is a typical product, a typical invention of the Era of Vasco da Gama. Unforeseeable coincidences?

These two searchers and re-searchers have taken note of George Orwell‘s novel “Nineteen Eighty-four” as an exemplary “intellectual” product of the Era of Vasco da Gama. Being a European Christian, George Orwell successfully veil the war-crimes committed by the European Christians and divert attentions creating a virtual world of a Big Brother’s “official deception, secret surveillance, and manipulation of the past by a totalitarian or authoritarian state”. This “Nineteen Eighty-four” is manipulation of human past par excellence. George Orwell ignored completely even the recent history that the European Christians, represented by the Pope and Kings of Spain and Portugal declared War on the rest of the world in the 15th century, a war that has not come to an end yet. The non-Catholic Kings in Europe have taken over the War from the Catholics and this declared World War by the European Christians is still accelerating. The Anglo-Saxon Christians, in Kingdoms or in so-called democratic states are in the forefront since the 18th century.

George Orwell is being celebrated by those major profiteers of this World War and by their university-trained “intellectual prostitutes”. In majority, the “intellectual prostitutes” are European Christians. And there non-Christian stooges as well, integrated in the same culture. George Orwell was, to be benevolent, at best blinded. He did not take note of the criminal developments of arms, of the Atom bombs dropped in Japan by his fellow European Christians who are still keeping foreign lands under occupation named “America”. He did not live long enough to experience that his not- “Big Brothers” started creating the digital technology even before “Nineteen Eighty-four” to gain absolute control of the mankind, of course not as “totalitarian states”.

No. These “Big Brothers” do it in disguise of being the champions of “democratic”, “constitutional” and “free-market” states”. We are unable to be benevolent towards these states and towards their “intellectual prostitutes”. Their Kingdoms, States, Churches and Universities practice systematically “official deception, secret surveillance, and manipulation of the past” and of course indiscriminate killings of human beings, their own “soldiers” included.

These two searchers and re-searchers, the authors of this book, know about the implications of using a “desk top” or of any other so-called fast-calculators, of using the internet, and of using the “smart phone”. They are conscious about the implications of the companies like Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook, Linkedin, You Tube and the institution called Wikipedia financed by “Foundations”, founded by rich European Christians with tax-free money. Their obvious purpose is to limit the universe into their virtual worlds, and thus to manipulate the whole humankind in perfection. They bury science and create technologies to keep all human beings busy in their virtual worlds inhumanly.

The malice of this undertaking is that all these institutions are greedy too. These oligopolies are in constant competition with each other to become monopoly. The authors of this book know that their “Banyan Tree” would not have grown in those five years, from 2009 to 2014, without this malice of digital technology. They are thankful to have used this devils’ technology to bring out some of the truths. This is not unforeseeable coincidence. This is one of the major ways how truths come out.

Max Müller is a demigod in India. The Federal Republic of Germany uses Max Müller for its propaganda not only in all cultural matters in India. All over the world the Federal Republic of Germany call their propaganda institution “Goethe-Institutes”. In India, they call it Max-Mueller-Bhavan.

The intention of this manoeuvre is obvious. Young Indians should believe that in Max-Mueller-Bhavans the spirit of Max Müller prevails. It is like coming home. It is the Bhavan (residence) of Max Müller. He is not an Indian. He is more than an Indian. He has been propagated as a real friend of India and of Indians. He has saved the ancient Indian Culture, its vast literature in a no more spoken language called Sanskrit. He is much more than the Rishis, the seer-scientists of Bharatavarsa. Visiting a Max-Muller-Bhavan should create a feeling like coming home. So it is systematically propagated. This story is utter swindle and shameless as well. Yet this story has been accepted by the Republic of India. How long will this acceptance prevail?

The authors of this book on their search and re-search are thankful to this Max Müller, who has left behind so many authentic traces and trails not only to uncover his charlatanry and swindles. His case becomes exemplary as it uncovers and exposes also his consorts. Thus Max Müller uncovers the role of the European Christian Churches, Kingdoms and Universities, in short, to the growth of this “Banyan Tree”, the book titled TRUTHS.

The authors are thankful to all those persons who have been dealt with in the book for their being careless in not being able to destroy all traces and trails of their mischievous doings. They might have been too busy, always to be on the run, to have destroyed all traces and trails of their doings. They might have realised that it is more difficult to undo all traces and trails than to lay false tracks or to heave rubbish on traces and trails, layers after layers. Whatsoever, they have thus contributed to reveal truths. This is a way how truths come out.

Of all documented primary sources, the collections of personal and private letters of the major actors have proved to be most reliable. Especially the handwritten letters. Deciphering Max Müller’s letters to his mother is a terribly difficult job. These are written in German handwriting letters of his time (1823 – 1900). His handwriting is, mildly stated, difficult to read. It is difficult to identify contemporary persons able to read in a German script that is older than the Sütterlin scripts.

Many thanks to Helga Bross. She toiled a lot to learn reading the old Kurrent scripts in Max Müller’s style and then helped the authors to decipher and transcript those many letters. Unforeseeable coincidences? Or is this a way how truths are revealed?



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