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The ACHARYYA PUBLISHER, SCIENCE IN CRITICAL REVIEW, is a publishing house with a difference.
ACHARYYA, in the anscient Sanskrit terminology, is a teacher of VEDAS. The VEDAS contain all facets of knowledge, science in the more comprehensive sense. However not those of the MODERN sciences, but that of the ORIGINAL science.

The unspoilt science

The ORIGINAL SCIENCE did always distinguish between KNOWLEDGE and its APPLICATION, between SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY, between that WHAT FACTUALLY IS and that what it SHOULD HAVE BEEN.

The original science is not a saleable COMODITY,like books on IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN. KOSOWO, CAMPAIGN AGAINST TERRORISM or GLOBALISATION. It is knowledge which is beyond the realm of purchase and sale by its nature. The programme of the Acharyya Publishers corresponds to the ORIGINAL SCIENCE. The programme covers the areas:

  • Science effecting daily life, Resistance against arbitrariness, morality in everyday life and Civilcourage;
  • The British Colonialism, Colonialism in India, India, Third World, Imperialism, Germany;
  • History of Resistance, Current History, History of Religion, Science in History;
  • Might-Media-Manipulation, Mind management, Brain washing;
  • documentary narratives;Biographies;
  • History, Politics, Social Sciences.

This publisher is a social scientist. He taught at three universities, published books, essays in readers, papers in learned journals, made television and radio features and gave talks as well. He was keen to see his books published as paperbacks only, so that they would be easily available for many. None of his book was a flop. His Publishers did make money with his books. All books were controversial, and some also led to legal proceedings.

Author as publisher

Being an author of more than a hundred titles he was unable to find a publisher for his EIGHTH book. Well, publishers today are producers of readily saleable commodities, the editors of publishing houses have become more explorers of marketing prospects of the commodity "book". His eighth Book PREIS DES AUFRECHTEN GANGS (Thorns on a righteous Path) is not a commodity.

Therefore he has set up the ACHARYYA PUBLISHERS, SCIENCE IN CRITICAL REVIEW, to publish unwanted books, dedicated to ORIGINAL science. Not to make money, but to put such books in the public LIBRARIES. The books on demand technology has made it possible. Someday these books would be needed.

Author owned publishing houses like the ACHARYYA PUBLISHERS, Science in Critical Review, are important. Why?


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